What a fantastic read! This engaging book takes us through the history of significant towns along Route 6, and brings the people who live in them to life. Through the vivid descriptions of the landscape, the roadside experiences and the many dinners he shared with those he met on his travels, Joe gives readers a window into the richness of the local culture.
As a life-long resident of Lancaster, CA and a State Senator who proudly represents many of the areas along Route 6 in California, I can speak with confidence that Joe accurately captures the depth of this community’s kind people.
I am especially appreciative to be one of the first to have read this interesting book. Thank you Joe!
Sharon Runner
California State Senator
17th District


Joe Hurley performed a feat few of us would even dream of when he explored America from coast to coast --- on foot.
In Ten Million Steps, Hurley takes us with him every step of the way, from Cape Cod to California. He paints a tapestry of places we may never visit and introduces us to a spectrum of Americans we may never be lucky enough to meet. Through it all, Hurley entertains and educates us with the wit and insight that made him a popular, respected newspaperman in Connecticut for more than three decades.
And when the last page has been turned, and we have experienced the richness and diversity of America, we can close our eyes and see and feel the country and its people as if we had walked every step of the way with Joe Hurley.
Art Cummings
Editor, The News-Times
Danbury, Connecticut


I give Joe a lot of credit for spending the better part of a year, walking across one of America’s first transcontinental highway. This amazing feat was truly courageous as he braved the elements and the terrain. Now he shares the adventure with us in a heartwarming book that is both diary and travelogue. Joe paints a picture of the real America, its hard working, dedicated people and their stories.
I invite you to join Joe as he steps across the nation on US Route 6 and discover the landscapes, places, and legends that clearly show that the American spirit and values are still alive and well.

Terri Dennison
PA Route 6 Alliance
US Route 6 Tourist Association - Pennsylvania Division


Joe Hurley is, first and foremost, a storyteller. His collection of thoughtful essays, coupled with Travis Lindhorst’s gorgeous documentary photography, catch us up with the Real America.
This modern Samuel Clemens shares insights gleaned from months of face-to-face conversations with people he cares about. What Mark Twain’s reflections on riverboat travel were to our nostalgic past, Joe’s writings about U.S. 6 speak to our nation’s present.
States through which U.S. 6 travels still refer to this coast-to-coast link as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, in honor of Civil War veterans who sacrificed all they had to keep our country whole. One hundred and fifty years after that conflict, we members of the Sons of Union Veterans have pledged to keep evergreen the memory of the original Boys in Blue. Joe helps us do that very thing.
Take time to read every page, and take in every close up and grand vista. We all benefit from the visions Joe and Travis share in their remarkable new book.
Paul Hadley
, Past Commander, Department of Nebraska, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Thank your Joe Hurley for making Utah’s Castle County a part of your nearly four thousand miles across historic highway 6. We are located  about 125 miles southeast of Salt Lake City and it meant so much to us to have you make us a part of your journey and to also capture our unique mining, ancient man and dinosaur history in this part of Utah. It was my pleasure to walk seven or so miles and get acquainted with a guy that is the truest of mankind. Often “Small Towns” are ignored, but you saw the value of our area and do it justice in the book. We will never be able to measure the return on your investment in our area by writing about rural towns and the varied opportunities we have in our own backyards. Thank you for being a friend to those of us along Highway 6!

Kathy Hanna-Smith
Utah’s Castle County



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